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Teriyaki Beef Take-out Box

Convenience, authenticity, and gourmet flavor all rolled into one neat traveling package! You've seen these take-out boxes at your favorite restaurant or the neighborhood deli, and now they contain a delicious meal that includes thinly sliced tender marinated beef, served on a bed of hot white rice and topped with vegetables and a sweet and savory sauce. Whether you're grabbing one for an on-the-go lunch, enjoying it as a snack, or heating one up for an easy and quick weeknight dinner, you're sure to enjoy not only the great medley of flavors contained within the box, but the chic container it was prepared in as well.

Ajinomoto wants your next take-out experience to be hassle free and fun! You're just 3 short minutes away from a truly authentic meal that you can eat right out of the box. Trust us when we say you've never seen anything like it. These portable full-sized 10oz portions come three per carton and are available today at your nearest Sam's Club store.

Teriyaki Beef Take-out Box

Teriyaki Beef Take-out Box

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