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Orange Chicken with Fried Rice
One of the most popular items on Asian restaurant menus in the United States, Orange Chicken has become a staple and a well known go-to order for many patrons. Usually enjoyed with fried rice, it has earned almost a comfort food level of familiarity. You can now enjoy this fantastic restaurant-quality dish at home with Ajinomoto's Orange Chicken.

Inspired by traditional Hunan cooking and the adapted Western variation, our version of Orange Chicken is taken to the next level by using only the tastiest white meat chicken. These flavorful cuts are then coated with our special breading and deep fried to create a combination of textures, giving you a crunchy outer shell of breading that gives way to moist and tender lean meat inside. Toss it with red bell peppers in our delicious orange sauce and serve it on a platter alongside our fried rice to get a dish you can present with pride at your next meal or gathering.

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Orange Chicken

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