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Dim-Sum Style Dumplings

Years of research has led us to be able to produce a restaurant quality dim-sum style dumpling that rivals any you may have had to wait in line for previously, all in a convenient package that allows you to directly steam in your microwave with no mess or added hassle. In just 2 short minutes, you can prepare an authentic traditional meal found in the top Szechuan kitchens around the globe, complete with that famous red sauce. Don't let the redness fool you; there is more of a sweetness than a spiciness to this savory pour-over sauce that compliments these pork dumplings so well.

Want to try them with a different texture? A few more minutes in a pan gives you that crispy bite, perfect for dipping in the sauce instead. Try them both ways and pick your favorite!

Ajinomoto is proud to present our Steamed Dim-Sum Style Pork Dumplings with Sauce. Six bags per carton, each containing 10 pieces and a sauce pack, makes this a perfect snack or side dish to have on the ready at your convenience. Keep a box in your freezer for that quick bite or to present at your next party and wow your guests!

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Dim-Sum Style Dumplings

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