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A letter from President Shindo

Daiji Shindo
Ajinomoto Frozen Foods

Food is essential to life. It supports the basic elements of health, vitality, family’s happiness, and the origin of society. You could say that frozen foods bear a great deal of responsibility in supporting today’s dietary lifestyles. The people of Ajinomoto Frozen Foods, one of the many companies of the Ajinomoto Group, recognize this important responsibility and do our utmost to continue to provide our valuable customers with the highest quality, finest flavor, and safest products.

Safety, Superb Quality and Flavor
are at the very center of our philosophy. Based on this, we continue to improve and progress in areas of product development, ingredients, production methods, selling & marketing. This means that in order for Ajinomoto Frozen Foods to obtain and maintain our customers’ trust, we must achieve the highest quality standards. This is deeply dependent on ingredients and production process. Thus, in order to keep this promise, we must continually do our best. Ajinomoto Frozen Foods has been recognized by society for the results of our high technological advances that we have accumulated over the years. We have a desire to continue to deepen our vital relationship.

We at Ajinomoto Frozen Foods believe that the following is vital for frozen foods in this 21st Century. Ajinomoto Frozen Foods will continue to make advancements in technology and continuously expand in areas that contribute to human dietary life. We will try to realize our dream of contributing to society by continuing to produce delicious and innovative frozen food products through technological development. The foundations of our company culture of innovation and vitality cultivate and strengthen the realization of this dream. We are dedicated to contributing to the health, diet and overall life of people from all over the world.


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